Floyd Mayweather, Earl Hayes and Stephanie Moseley

Floyd Mayweather finally sat down with the LAPD this week to discuss the murder-suicide of his friend/rapper Earl Hayes and wife Stephanie Moseley.

If you haven’t been following the story, the couple were found dead in their Los Angeles apartment earlier this week in an apparent murder-suicide… sparked by jealousy over a past relationship Moseley had with Trey Songz. On top of it all, Hayes was FaceTiming with Mayweather when it all went down.

The boxer sat with the LAPD on Wednesday (Dec. 10) for a two-hour interview about the crime, revealing that his rapper-friend walked away from the phone and into the bathroom and shot his wife multiple times.

Mayweather told detectives that after Hayes shot his wife, he came back to the phone and continued talking with him. He also said Hayes told him he was then going to shoot himself and he pleaded with him … to no avail.

Before the shooting, Mayweather acknowledged that they were talking about Moseley’s infidelity, but denies riling the rapper up.

As for why he called him, the boxer said Hayes was trying to say goodbye because they were good friends.