Diddy’s REVOLT TV network recently celebrated its one-year anniversary, and during the company’s holiday party in Los Angeles recently, he delivered a speech about how its progressed thus far, as well as the future.

While the hip-hop mogul seems pleased with his staff, he also said they’ve just started their journey.

“The dream has just started,” Diddy said. “Our first year has been a tremendous success if you look at the history of just brands in general. My dream of this network … most importantly this brand, because it’s not just a network was to be a part of the change through music, through culture, through our relationships with all communities, to be disruptive, to be fresh, to be new, to be able to push the envelope, to be able to embrace artists, to put people on, to be able to put young executives on, young creatives on getting them a chance for people to listen to them, so they can change the world.”

REVOLT TV is currently available on Xfinity, Time Warner Cable, CenturyLink, OptiLink, suddenlink and FiOS.