Ray J’s Girlfriend Threatens Suicide After Break Up

Ray J and Princess Love

Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood cast members, Ray J and Princess, reportedly broke up this week… and she was so distraught over the split, she threatened suicide.

According to TMZ.com, the couple broke things off on  Tuesday night (Dec. 9). Then, after the singer left for work the following day, she was incessantly texting him, but when she didn’t hear what she wanted, she threatened suicide to kill herself.

So, Ray J frantically called 911 Wednesday (Dec. 10) and told the dispatcher the situation. Since there was a gun in the house, he took the threat seriously… and even told the dispatcher about their good friend Earl Hayes, who made headlines this week after committing a murder-suicide.

The cops did make it to their home to check on Princess, but she wasn’t there. However, Ray J tells TMZ he’s spoken to her and she insists she won’t go through with the threat.

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