Floyd Mayweather, Earl Hayes and Stephanie Moseley

More news is surfacing in the murder-suicide of rapper Earl Hayes and wife Stephanie Moseley.

According to TMZ.com, Hayes was on FaceTime with Floyd Mayweather moments before he shot and killed his wife and then turned the gun on himself… and the boxer may have witnessed the crime go down.

Apparently, Mayweather was telling his former Philthy Rich Records signee to leave Moseley… because she was bad for his career. Hayes was jealous because he believed she was unfaithful, cheating on him with singer Trey Songz, a past boyfriend.

TMZ says the boxer called him “weak” for not leaving. Hayes then went off the chat and said he was going to shoot Moseley. When Floyd realized what he was going, he pleaded with him to not go through with it to no avail.

Hayes shot his wife multiple times while she was taking a bath, and then would shoot himself.

The LAPD want to interview Mayweather regarding the murder-suicide.

The couple were married in 2008, and separated two years ago. During that time, Moseley dated Trey Songz for a brief period… but would eventually reconcile with Hayes, who never got over it.

Moseley was 30 years old and Hayes was 34 at the time of their deaths.