John Wall

During an on-court interview, after the Washington Wizards beat the Boston Celtics 133-132 in a double overtime thriller, star guard John Wall shed tears as he dedicated the game to 6-year-old Miyah Telemaque-Nelson, who died of cancer on Monday morning (Dec. 8).

“This game was really meant for her. It would’ve been an even tougher day to lose it, I just went into a mode where I didn’t want to lose this game,” he said, as he was choked up with emotion.

Wall developed a relationship with Miyah last March, shoe after she was diagnosed with Burkitt’s Lymphoma, and even helped her meet Nicki Minaj by starting a social media campaign. The relationship  became stronger as time progressed… and in honor of their bond, the NBA star wrote her name on his game shoes all season.

During Monday night’s game, Wall wrote “RIP Miyah” on his shoes, triggering a near triple double performance, as he finished the game with 26 points, 17 assists and 7 rebounds.

Shortly after the game, Wall took to Twitter to express his love and sorrow for Miyah’s death, posting photos of them together.