Timbaland and Rick Ross

A week after he said he was disappointed in Timbaland for leaking an unreleased version of his “Movin’ Bass” cut with Jay Z, Rick Ross makes fun at branding of the producer’s Mosley Music Group label.

Over the weekend, Timbaland posted a promo image of his own Mosley Music Group on Instagram, which featured a logo similar to Rozay’s Maybach Music Group. The Twitter account of Ross’ MMG label followed by tweeting out a screenshot of the Mosley image, asking: “Does Super Producer @Timbaland wanna be us? Lol where Magoo @MissyElliott @ElliottWilson @rickyrozay.”

Shortly after, Rick Ross tweeted at Timbaland, asking “#WhereMagoo.”

Despite sharing the same “MMG” acronym, Timbaland’s label was originally established in 2006, a full three years before Ross launched his Maybach Music Group in 2009.


Tension between Rozay and Timbaland stems from the producer putting out an unreleased version of “Movin’ Bass” featuring Timbaland’s artist Tink,. In an interview with Sway, Ross said he was disappointed it came out.

“Timbaland released his version, I was real disappointed in hearing [that],” he explained. “Me and Jay created the original version. That’s one of the records we vibed up when we had a couple sessions. Of course Timbaland produced it and had the production on it for a little while, I went by the studio before, he played me the [alternate] version. I was like, ‘I see what you did, but chill on that. We doing our thing on that.’ I was disappointed in homie on that.”

When asked if the two were still cool, Ross replied: “He gotta handle that. He gotta fix that. He most definitely gotta fix that.”