Stephen Curry & Wife: Chef Curry With The Pot

Stephen Curry & Wife: Chef Curry With The Pot

“I been Steph Curry with the shot / been cookin’ with the sauce / chef Curry with the pot boy,” is a line from Drake’s hit “0 to 100”. Although the line was classic, apparently it isn’t true.

According to Stephen Curry’s wife, Ayesha, she’s the real “Chef Curry.” It’s a well-known fact that she is an awesome chef, as she does all the cooking for the Curry household, as well as hosts a cooking show on her Youtube channel, Little Light Of Mine, but did you know she could rap?

Well recently, she hit the Internet with a video of her culinary style remix of “0 to 100.” The video features Curry bussing out the Shmoney Dance, while she throws on her skully and begins cooking it up both literally and lyrically.

“Put it in the freezer just to chill quick /oven 0 to 100 yep, real quick /what you cooking with these is real mitts /knowing all the real chefs gone feel this” — some of unforgettable bars she spit in the :48 second clip. She then puts an exclamation point on her position as the top chef with the line:  “I’m the real chef Curry with the pot boy.”

So who’s the real Chef Curry? Drake or Ayesha? I think she may have OVO’s own beat on this one.

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