UFC, Reebok Announce 6-Year Partnership


The UFC announced a six-year partnership with Reebok on Tuesday (Dec. 2), in which the sports apparel brand becomes the exclusive uniform supplier for the MMA promotion.

While financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, the deal goes into effect July 6, 2015.

UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta called the deal “the biggest non-broadcast partnership our company has ever signed.”

The deal is a landmark in MMA and the first of its scope in combat sports, reports ESPN.

It will also eliminate independent sponsorships in the UFC — something its athletes have long relied upon to supplement fight purses. Fighters will no longer will be allowed to wear sponsorships during a fight or the promotion leading up to it. However, they are allowed to maintain those deals outside of events.

UFC president Dana White tells ESPN that all initial profits from the rights agreement will go directly to the approximately 500 rostered athletes.

“There are some costs associated with running this, but other than those costs, every dime of this deal goes to the fighters,” White said. “This isn’t a six-year money grab. This is a long-term relationship we’ve created with Reebok. We’re investing in the fighters, they’re investing in the sport. It makes all the sense in the world to get the fighters invested in this thing.”

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