Deelishis and Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa is making headlines for women as of late, more than his music.

This week, word spread that a sex tape was alleged filmed with him and Playboy model Carla Howe. That’s not it. There’s rumors floating around that he may be smashing former Flavor Of Love contestant, Deelishis.

They’ve appeared together in Instagram photos, but no one knows if it’s sex, dating or just a friendship… but Deelishis recently cleared the air.

In an interview with Detroit’s Hot 107.5, the former reality TV star says she and Wiz are just friends… presently.

“We’ve never had sex. We haven’t even approached anything close to sex,” Deelishis explains. “I’m no homewrecker, I never wrecked anyone’s home. We all knew about [his divorce from Amber Rose] way before he and I personally met each other.

“He’s a single guy, I’m a single girl,” she continued. “Am I attracted to him? I’m attracted to who he is. Yes. Is he attracted to who I am? I can believe so. The thing about it is: where’s the harm in that?

“I don’t know him well know to know if I wanna be with him, but I like him as a friend.”