Kentucky whiskey makers Bulleit Bourbon and Noble Denim came together over the last few months for experiment called Barrel Aged Jeans. The special collaboration saw Noble handcraft a limited number of jeans, which were then placed in Bulleit Bourbon barrels to soak to find out how they overdyed.

“What will happen when Noble’s are soaked in the remnants of 5-7 year old bourbon? Well, to be honest we’re not entirely sure,” Noble Denim founder Chris Sutton said of the experiment.

This week, both brands held the official unveiling of the jeans at NYC’s Wayland restaurant, where we experienced a Bulleit Bourbon tasting hosted by Whiskey Master Stephen Wilson, including their 10-Year and Rye variants, and dinner.

In the meantime, if you’d like your own pair of handmade Noble jeans, visit their official website. And more info info on Bulleit Bourbon, visit