DASH Radio Launches Pop-Up “Wu Week” Station

Wu-Tang Clan

With the release of the much anticipated Wu-Tang Clan album A Better Tomorrow this week, DJ Skee celebrates by rolling out a pop-up Wu station on his DASH Radio app called Wu Week.

Already live, the station will play new and old songs from Wu-Tang Clan and its members all week.

Additionally, listeners can tune in for commentary and stories about the group’s music from the rappers themselves.

“Wu-Tang is always at the forefront of technology as it relates to getting our music out there,” RZA said in a statement. “We love the idea of exposing our new album via a dedicated radio station on the new platform Dash Radio. May this exposure inspire you to listen and inspire you to obtain A Better Tomorrow.”

“I am extremely excited not only from the Dash Radio company perspective, but as a lifelong Wu-Tang Clan fan to partner with one of the most impactful and influential groups of all time,” added Skee. “Wu-Tang has always been ahead of the curve with everything they do, thus making it a perfect match to team up with the future of radio in Dash.”

To tune into DASH Radio’s Wu Week, navigate to the station to the DASH Radio app, or visit DashRadio.com for more info.

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