Q-Tip and Lil Wayne

Hip-hop legend Q-Tip took many off guard earlier this month when he said Atlanta trio MIGOS was “tha truth.” He surprised his followers further last week when he announced that Lil Wayne is now a member of the Zulu Nation.

Q-Tip reveals the news on Twitter, writing: “@LilTunechi is now a member of the ZULU NATION! Join us wearezulunation@gmail.com. Help me in welcoming @LilTunechi to fold of the Zulus.”

Wayne has yet to publicly comment on the new affiliation.


The Zulu Nation was formed by hip-hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa. It’s goal has been to use the genre to spread awareness of social and political issues. Other members of the collective include KRS-One, De La Soul, Public Enemy, Rakim, Ice Cube and DJ Kool Herc.

Q-Tip has been one of the group’s most vocal members as of late.

Member 9th Wonder commented on Weezy’s induction in a statement with HipHopDX, stating: “Dwayne Carter, also known to the world as Lil Wayne, is a member and an Ahki (which means ‘brother’) in the Universal Zulu Nation founded in 1973 by Afrika Bambaataa—a former gang member of the Black Spades. This decision was made by Zulu King Q-Tip (of A Tribe Called Quest) and Zulu King 9th Wonder. Deal with it.”

There you have it folks…