Rick Ross vs Freeway Rick Ross

Rick Ross claimed that former drug kingpin Freeway Rick Ross was a snitch in a recent interview, citing info in their court battle that points to him testifying in exchange for a lighter prison sentence.

Freeway Ricky responded to those claims in a statement to AllHipHop.com recently… brushing it off by saying the rapper should do his research.

“Do your research,” he said. “You can look up my public record. As I said in the prior video, I hope we can come together make a change for the better for Black America.”

Freeway Rick Ross is currently calling on hip-hop artists, including Rick Ross, to stop glorifying the drug trafficking trade in their music… which he says influences their listeners to follow a path that will lead them to prison.

“To William Roberts, a.k.a. Rick Ross, who’s using my name, I’m inviting you in to come with me,” he says in a video released by InfoWars.com. “Let’s fight this culture. Let’s fight this penitentiary culture that hip-hop’s been spreading. Let’s make a difference. Me and you need to come together and you need to tell them that you didn’t make your money selling drugs and making music is how you became famous.”

During Rozay’s interview with The Breakfast Club, host Angela Yee asked him about Freeway Rick’s recent outreach to him… which he immediately shot down.

“Nah, ain’t nothing to come together about. He do him,” the rapper said before calling him a snitch. “We talk about a lot of books and there’s a lot of this going on, but they don’t mention the 40 people he testified on and sent to prison for life. That’s the information I seen because of lawsuits. We don’t do that where I’m from. Then, you blame it on who used you. Nah, you told. It’s called you testified. You told. You sent people to prison.”

Despite the claims, an unnamed source tells AllHipHop.com that those statements are entirely untrue.

“My family got out of jail because of Freeway,” the source said. “They had drugs planted. Freeway didn’t testify on 40 people. He made the hard choice to go up on six officers, so 85 or so of his guys, black men that had drugs planted on them, got out. That isn’t snitching.”