5 Reasons To Use The Griffin AirStrap iPad Case

Griffin AirStrap iPad Case

iPad-based mobile Point of Sale systems took the industry by storm and they are here to stay. Convenient, reliable, and flexible, they rely on custom-made third party software to process sales on the spot. However, while the manufacturers of the software, like Shopify, ensure that the programming is up to spec, it’s the entrepreneur’s job to ensure that the iPads they use are safe. Given the many dangers that lurk in the darkness of retail (and accidents do happen, as the website fubiz points out), an iPad case is just good business. So why the Griffin AirStrap?

Ease of Handling

The primary reason is that it’s simply convenient. While many cases are designed for dual roles, as a stand and as a carry case, excelling at neither, the AirStrap is different. It’s designed from the ground up for POS solutions where iPads are primarily used on the go. It clings tightly to the device and provides the user with a firm grip using a neoprene strap that stretches to adapt to the size of the user’s hand, while rubber dots lining its inner side increase friction so that it’s quite hard to accidentally let go of the device. The curved edges of the case ensure that there is a handle available for both landscape and portrait use of the iPad. At the same time, the neoprene offers a large degree of comfort, though users with larger hands might find the tightness less than pleasing. The best feature is that the latest AirStrap models feature an adjustable, rotating strap, improving the handling over the original models with a fixed strap placement.

Safety for Your iPad

A key feature of every case designed for mobile commerce is the protection it offers for the device. AirStrap is one of the best options available on the market, as its inch-wide hard rubber frame fits the iPad like a glove and ensures that the chance of your device becoming damaged when accidentally dropped or hit is reduced a great deal. The only possible drawback is that it may interfere with certain screen protector films available on the market, causing them to roll up where the case comes into contact with the iPad screen, though this is a minor concern. The size of the rubber, necessary to provide protection, does limit the choice of accessories to ones with connectors in the slim category, like Apple’s earphones or the dock connector, though should be a minor issue in a commercial environment.

Compatibility with POS Software and Hardware

One of the key features of the AirStrap is that it is designed from the ground up to be used in working environments and that includes out-of-the-box compatibility with POS software and certain types of hardware. In fact, the AirStrap is one of the few products endorsed by a Point of Sale systems company, Shopify, as a recommended tool for using their products in the field. The case is also designed to accommodate the MagTek iDynamo Credit Card Reader, allowing it to clip on to the frame. It should also be compatible with other clip-on systems of comparable dimensions.

Wide Range of Models

At this point, it’s only natural to wonder if the AirStrap is only available for certain representatives of the Apple iPad family. The good news is, Griffin offers a wide range of AirStraps for different devices, though not all of them feature the latest improvements. As such, no matter whether you rely on the iPad 1, 2, 3, Air, or Mini, there is an AirStrap available for your model. It’s also good news in case the rumors of the Mini’s imminent demise prove true (as reported by uSwitch and other media outlets): You can change the iPads without having to let go of a case with a proven track record. That’s an advantage that’s hard to overstate.

Professional Look

Fashion trends come and go, except in the business space. It’s the least of the AirStrap’s advantages, but one that shouldn’t be ignored. Its conservative, low key design ensures a flexible, professional look for your mobile POS system in practically every environment you can think of. The advantages should be clear: A consistent, business-like look of your tools helps inspire confidence in customers and is one of a myriad factors that play a role in your success. The advantage here is that it’s a factor you can take full control of and consciously affect it, which is more than can be said for the vast majority of them.

Bottom Line

One thing has to be restated again and again: Buying an iPad case is simply good business. While stress tests conducted by Mac World show that it can survive repeated drops on concrete and the glass shatters pretty much only when it is dropped screen down, conducting business with beaten up, scratched iPads is a good way to lose customers, repulsed by your treatment of the devices or spend several times its worth on repairs. Investing in a good case, like Griffin’s AirStrap, sidesteps the issue and provides you with an invaluable tool for business.

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