E-40 Readies Sluricane Hurricane Premixed Cocktail

E-40 Sluricane Hurricane premixed cocktail

After launching his Earl Stevens wine collection in 2013, rap legend E-40 continues his run in the spirits industry, introducing a premixed cocktail beverage, dubbed Sluricane Hurricane.

Inspired by the 1995 song from his group The Click, the bottled drink is premixed version of the sweet cocktail, known as a Hurricane. Popular in New Orleans, the drink is made with rum and fruit juice, syrup or grenadine. E-40’s version is touted as a “Category Five,” boasting 18% alcohol content.

The E-40 Sluricane Hurricane is scheduled to hit spirits retailers in December.

  1. bevmoe folks. might wanna add some vodka gin or teqila to it. Or all of em

  2. Why the suggestion of adding additional alcohol if already 18 % ? Just Curious… Is this drink pretty weak or… ?

  3. What’s good? Where can I get that Sluricane-Hurricane? I’m in Seattle and I need to get that like last week. Need it ASAP

  4. in Bakersfield CA the only place sells Sluricane Hurricane is Lucky 7 Food store 3232 Stine rd cross street planz road

  5. 18% alcohol is pretty weak considering just one bottle of beer is usually only 5-7 %.

  6. for a thug rapper to make alcohol and call it slurricane hurricane (based after a new orleans drink that boasts to be one of the strongest on bourbon street) it needs to sport more than 18%

  7. Yep, Bevmo $20. Just bought some last night, along with his Moscato. Can’t wait to try today.

  8. Hey bro I’ll get some and send it your way, I wanna try it too…my name’s V, text me at (530)220-0820 and we can figure something out…no one should miss out of this just because they are not in California…

  9. I bought a case of it in Evanston,Il! Shit good especially when mixed with a little pineapple juice!!??

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