Nicki Minaj Bashed ScaffBeezy’s Benz With A Baseball Bat

Nicki Minaj and ScaffBeezy

Nicki Minaj smashed ex-boyfriend ScaffBeezy’s Mercedes-Benz with a baseball bat?

According to, the couple got into an argument sometime during the summer, which escalated in Nicki screaming and becoming enraged. She then grabbed a baseball bat and chased him out the house… and eventually smashed up his 2012 Benz. Furthermore, she tossed his clothes out.

Cops were called, but no arrests were made. However, ScaffBeezy (real name: Safaree) was escorted out of the house and left. TMZ notes that Nicki wasn’t arrested because she owned the Mercedes, but was allowing him to use it.

They broke up a short time after the argument.

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