ScaffBeezy and Nicki Minaj

In Nicki Minaj’s latest single, “Only”, her labelmates Drake and Lil Wayne openly rap about wanting to sleep with the female rap star, while she denies she ever has. Now, her longtime boyfriend ScaffBeezy their lust for her in a tweet on Thursday night (Oct. 30).

“You do know i was there when ‘only’ was recorded and received right?? that song is new to yall not me… give it a rest ppl. months old,” he tweeted.

The song’s release comes just over a week after Nicki and longtime boyfriend ScaffBeezy are said to have split. Despite recent reports that the couple have broken up and ScaffBeezy covering up his tattoos for her, he has helped promote the new single on social media, as well as the new release date for Nicki’s upcoming The Pinkprint.

Are they back together?