Net 10 Wireless recently invited our team to Charlotte, North Carolina (October 23-25) for a NASCAR-filled weekend full of racing and good company.

After learning how to drive a Nascar the day before, we kicked off Day Two with a visit to Red Horse Racing’s PIT School in Moorseville, North Carolina for a crash course in PIT training. Upon arrival, we were greeted by Red Horse Racing staff, whom eagerly welcomed us and directed us to an auditorium to watch a brief history of NASCAR and the evolution of the PIT crew.

We were very curious to see and learn how a crew can successful replace tires, refuel and have a NASCAR up and running in 15secs or less. Thankfully, we were lucky enough to have a chance to test our wit hands-on in a timed four PIT stop competition against our fellow press cohorts. After a live demonstration of a professional pit crew fast at work, we were split into teams of six and asked to decide what job we wanted to perform.

Red Horse Racing PIT School With Net 10 Wireless (Recap)

We quickly suited up in our fire suits, gloves, goggles, and ear plugs. We had a brief instruction on how the choreography flowed between each job, soon after we had our first timed PIT stop, which proved difficult but exciting. After each PIT stop we would regroup and review a video of run with our coach, going over ways we could improve our performance. Smack talking quickly grew after each run as the competition began to grow. We competed our final PIT stop in 51 seconds. It was definitely a rush and proved to be the highlight of our Net 10 Wireless trip.

– (1) Jackman: Raises the car.
– (2) Tire Changers: Takes lug nuts off and then tightens lug nuts.
– (2) Tire Carriers: Bring new tires over the pit wall and guide them onto the studs.
– (1) Fuel Man: Fills the car with gasoline with a special gas apparatus.

Red Horse Racing PIT School With Net 10 Wireless (Recap)

Photography by Bob Leverone.
Experience reported by Karen Capalaran with help from Armando Vargas Jr.