San Francisco Giants - 2014 World Series

The San Francisco Giants won their third World Series title in five years on Wednesday night (Oct. 29), when they closed out the series against the Royals in Kansas City.

Madison Bumgarner, the series MVP, pitched his team to a 3-2 win, coming out of the bullpen to throw five scoreless innings on just two days rest, helping them succeed where no team has done in 3 1/2 decades — winning a Game 7 on the road.

In the final play, KC’s Salvador Perez popped up a foulout to third baseman Pablo Sandoval near the Giants’ dugout, who caught it and raised his hands in victory. Bumgarner when then immediately embrace by catcher Buster Posey, and the rest of the Giants rushed to the mound to join the victory party, all tossing their gloves in the air.

“What a warrior he is, and truly incredible what he did throughout the postseason,” Giants manager Bruce Bochy said of Bumgarner. “I just told him I just can’t believe what he accomplished through all this. He’s such a humble guy, and we rode him pretty good.”

The San Francisco Giants franchise now have eight World Series titles under their belt.