Net 10 Wireless invited to Charlotte, North Carolina (October 23-25) for a NASCAR-filled weekend full of racing and good company.

We kicked off day one with a visit to Charlotte Motor Speedway for a crash course in racing at the esteemed Richard Petty Driving School. Upon arrival, we were greeted by Net 10 Wireless NASCAR Camping World Truck Driver Germán Quiroga, who humbly welcomed us and gave us a few words of advice to use behind the wheel.

After an initial three test laps with a driver, we were finally ready to put our own foot on the gas pedal and speed down the track for 10 laps, averaging 160 mph. Make no doubt about it, the feeling while driving a NASCAR is truly incredible. The velocity going around every turn is breath taking and leaves you feeling nots in your stomach.

Richard Petty Driving Experience With Net 10 Wireless [Recap]

Getting into the vehicle with a full suit and helmet proved to be a challenge, especially when taking into account there are no doors (we had to dive in through the window). Once strapped in, our driving instructor was able to coach us as we maneuvered different gears and took our first few laps.

Richard Petty Driving Experience With Net 10 Wireless [Recap]

After learning the importance of properly approaching and taking turns using gates we were ready to drive to our heart’s content with 10 laps around the track. The experience was truly one for the books, giving us a huge appreciation for the sport and drivers who compete in 200-500 lap competitions.

Photography by Bob Leverone/Getty Images and Karen Capalaran.