Michael Jordan

With the Charlotte Hornets name back, majority owner Michael Jordan sat down with FOX Sports this week to talk about the transition from the Bobcats era to the newly introduced Hornets.

“It’s been a long process, but it’s been one that’s … I’m anxious. I was anxious when we started this process,” MJ said. “The thing that I was a little nervous about was the way it was gonna be received… from the community and everybody outside of the organization. I’m excited that all the indications that I’ve gotten back is that everybody loves it.

“That’s just one aspect of it. The other aspect is the basketball portion of it that’s equally exciting and it matches what we’re trying to do on the business side,” he continued. “Knock on wood, everybody stays healthy and the progress continues. We made a big stride last year, and I think the expectations now with the fans and with the new name and re-branding is that the basketball portion continues to move in that direction.”

As the conversation continued, Jordan talked about the progress the Bobcats made last season by making playoffs… although they were swept in the first round by the defending champion Miami Heat.

“Do we have an NBA championship team? I wouldn’t say that,” Jordan admitted. “Is it something that we wanna strive to try to get better and get towards? Yes. It’s a process and we all understand that. … We’re not there… I think we’re on the right road to doing that.”

Also in the interview, Jordan talks about the upcoming season, challenging LeBron James in the Eastern Conference, signing big off season talent such as Al Jefferson and Lance Stephenson and building his own Big 3.