Birdman On Tyga: “You Either In Or You’re Out”

Birdman and Tyga

The issues between Tyga and the YMCMB camp have made headlines over the past few weeks… and now, Cash Money Records co-founder Birdman finally addresses the situation.

While the hip-hop mogul says he has respect for Tyga, he made it clear that he doesn’t tolerate beef within “the family”… and that the Los Angeles rapper will have to make a choice.

“I got all the love and respect for Tyga, ya heard me? That’s my lil bro with everything he done accomplished and did,” Birdman explained. “My take is: I’m family orientated. You either in or you’re out. If you’re out, your an outcast to me. If you in, we family. It’s on you to choose your side.

“I’m not with the dissing. I ain’t with none of that sh*t. We one gang… ain’t no separating that. You either with it or you ain’t,” he continued. “I’m family. I f*ck with Tyga. Drake and Nicki, that’s family. Either you with it or you ain’t. At the same time, I’m family… and ain’t nothing gonna change that.”

Birdman goes on to say that he hasn’t spoken to Tyga about the situation, but when it comes to the music game, it’s Drake who’s on top and no one can compare to him… especially not Tyga.

“Drake is Drake. He’s in a lane by himself when it come to making music. You can’t compare nobody to what he do, because nobody do what he does,” he said.

“Tyga, the homie. I don’t have no disrespect for Tyga,” Birdman continued. “Tyga know where he stand in this game. He not better than Drake. That ain’t no secret. Numbers don’t lie… to keep it 1000.”

Earlier this month, Tyga took to Twitter expressing his grievances with the YMCMB camp over the delay of his upcoming project, The Gold Album, sayin they are “holding me hostage.” That statement was followed by an interview with VIBE, in which the rapper would say that he’s trying to distance himself from the label… while adding that he doesn’t like Drake because he’s “fake” and doesn’t get along with Nicki Minaj.

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