Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane checked in from behind bars recently, writing to his fans about his immediate plans and his goals after being released.

In a letter obtained by MTV, the rap star explained that post-prison, he wants to become more focused and get his career back on track, breaking into movies, books, clothing and more.

“My idea is to take my career to the next level,” Gucci wrote. “I am planning to take my music to a higher level and use the attention and influence to sell movies, books, clothing and be a living testimony to all people showing that you can start from humble beginnings and transcend to something greater.”

As the letter continued, Gucci addressed his substance abuse problem, which he says is a thing a past. He also says reflecting on his past issues will help him become a better person.

“I know that by me stayin sober, praying and fasting and stepping up to the plate to the father, and man I am destined to be, I will impact my family and the entire universe for the better,” he writes. “I can see myself now at the top of my game, me and my beautiful lady walking the red carpet at the best parties and getting flooded with accolades at the award shows and setting trends that will be copied around the world. This is not a dream though this is a plan that I will affect directly.”

Gucci Mane is currently serving time on weapons charges and it’s unclear when he will be released.

In September, reports said he would be released a year early, but shortly after, news broke that he would be spending an additional three years behind bars… after pleading guilty to an assault charge.

See the letter in its entirety, via MTV.

Gucci Mane prison letter.