Q&A: Pterodactyl Jones Talks Inland Empire, Murs & Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

The beauty of rap is the embodiment of different styles and personalities through music. The combination of Curtiss King’s confident rhymes and nostalgic aurora infused with the raw and commanding cadences of Noa James undeniably kicks a healthy dose of freshness. Make no mistake about it, Pterodactyl Jones just might be the Inland Empire’s best kept secret and certainly a group to keep an eye out for.

Read below for our exclusive interview with the group from last month’s Sunset Strip Music Festival.

Please introduce yourselves.

Noa James: Hello I am Noa James a.k.a. Young Orca.

Curtiss King: Hello I’m Sinbad (first kid), I mean I’m Curtiss King.

Kid Dxsko: And I’m Kid Dxsko.

Noa James: And we are Pterodactyl Muthafuckin’ Jones. How y’all doin’?

Q&A: Pterodactyl Jones Talks Inland Empire, Murs & Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

How did you all get together?

Curtiss King: I was walking into Denny’s (around) 2 o’clock one night and I saw this man. I said “Hey Man, do you rap?” He said “How do you know?” I said, “You’ve got a rapper’s look.” And I’ve seen him (looks at Kid Dxsko) he was back there making a hamburger-Miami or something. All jokes aside, Noa James has a venue…

Noa James: Called the Vibe in Riverside, The Common Ground.

Curtiss King: I met Noa at his venue and kept building. We ended up being on a label at one point together. Kid Dxsko became our official DJ and Murs took us on tour. He’s the reason why we even became a group. Murs made us split 15 minutes all over the U.S. for two months.

Kid Dxsko: Two months and a half.

Noa James: Oh we did a 10 minute set in Austin.

Curtiss King: We did a 10 minute set that was probably the most amazing. Well not the most amazing in my life, because I’ve had some amazing… (laughs).

Q&A: Pterodactyl Jones Talks Inland Empire, Murs & Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

What’s the meaning behind the name, Pterodactyl Jones?

Curtiss King: Have you ever seen Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? Pterodactyl Jones is that episode where Carlton took speed (laughs). The flip side of that, Pterodactyl Jones is like those 90’s movies where a person goes to jail and they’re scared. They meet the bully in there and the bully’s like “give me your shoes” and there’s always a reinforcement that’s bigger than him that says yeah Pterodactyl Jones says give me your shoes. That’s what our music is. If you think too deeply you’re going to hurt yourself.

Noa James: Don’t do it man, don’t take it seriously. It’s Carlton.

Curtiss King: It’s called having fun. You’ve got your moments of serious, because Carlton taking speed was a very serious topic.

Noa James: But it was funny as shit.

Curtiss King: Being able to laugh at yourself and being able to laugh at life is what this is all about.

Q&A: Pterodactyl Jones Talks Inland Empire, Murs & Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Musically who are your biggest inspirations?

Kid Dxsko: For me as a DJ, probably A-Trak and Diplo. They have no boundaries. I see that with us too, we’re mainly hip-hop but we don’t put that label on ourselves.

Curtiss King: My influence is Outkast. There’s not two albums from Outkast that you can say sound exactly alike.

Noah James: B.B. King, Bobby Bublan,Barry White, Royce Da 5’9…

Curtiss King: Bobby Brown?

Noa James: (Laughs) No Bobby Brown.

Curtiss King: You said a lot of Bobbies, you can’t leave Bobby Brown.

Noa James: that’s the core. I love the blues of Barry White and the technicality of Royce Da 5’9.

Interview and photography by: Karen Capalaran