Nostalgic brand of the 1980’s and 90’s is set to return — L.A. Gear. The footwear brand has tapped Tyga as a Creative Advisor, and will help reintroduce its “Originals” line in Spring 2015.

The rapper has teased a series of images on Instagram, showing off some of the new L.A. Gear models.

“I am thrilled to re-launch the iconic L.A. Gear brand,” said Lance Jackson, Vice President of L.A. Gear. “Our loyal customers and sneaker collectors have been consistently buying out our existing L.A. Gear Originals inventory, and with the blending of vintage and modern style so on trend right now, it is the perfect time to remind everyone of the L.A. Gear Originals line — all while adding a fully updated and modern edge to each shoe design and to the overall brand.

“It made perfect sense to collaborate with Tyga who is on the forefront of both music and fashion, to bring a fresh perspective to a brand that was born so many years ago with fashion as its core,” he added.

One model teased by Tyga is a running shoe dubbed “6ams,” which comes in orange and cheetah print; the L.A. Gears Lights, coming in a limited edition “Liquid Gold” colorway to coincide with his album, following by silver and red versions; and a redesigned version of Michael Jackson’s signature shoe, which originally released in the early 1990s.

No word on a release date just yet. Stay tuned…