Guinness 1759TM

Guinness follows the release of its new Blonde Lager with yet another beer for the holiday season — the limited edition Guinness 1759TM.

The new beer is an ultra-premium, limited edition amber ale, brewed to be “sipped responsibly with satisfaction, savored as part of fine dining and gifted with appreciation by beer connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike.” It’s name is derived from the year Arthur Guinness signed the 9,000-year-old lease at St. James’s Gate in Dublin, where he’d brew one of the world’s beloved beer brands.

The ale is brewed with both traditional beer malt and the same peated whisky malt used in the world’s finest Scotch and Irish whiskies. It has a rich butterscotch aroma with subtle hop notes. The mellow, caramel flavors combine with a subtle hop character and fruity sweetness from the strong ester profile.

The Guinness 1759TM will retail for $35 USD for a 25.4 oz. bottle, limited to just 90,000 produced. It will also be offered at select bars, online at as well as other beer retailers beginning in late October 2014.