When Iggy Azalea had her issues with Snoop Dogg earlier this month, the West Coast rap vet eventually apologized… only after getting on the phone with T.I. But, what was said on that call? Did T.I. put the pressure on Snoop? Threaten him?

No way, says the Southern rap star. In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, TIP explained that nothing much was said at all actually. In fact, he says it was all based off of mutual respect and their friendship.

“That’s the homie. What I know that [Iggy Azalea] didn’t, is Snoop don’t mean no harm. I just wish I woulda been able to speak to him before she replied,” he said.

“I didn’t tell him to apologize. I don’t boss up on nobody. Not Snoop. We got history… personally and professionally,” TIP continued. “Immediately, he was like, ‘You know what? Hey, I know what you’re calling for. I know what it’s about. Based on our relationship alone, it’s over with. Say no more. It’s dead. Nothing else to talk about. I’m sorry and it won’t happen again.’ ”

Furthermore, T.I. says he didn’t even tell Snoop to apologize. “He did the post himself. I didn’t say… I had no idea.”

As for Iggy, T.I. says his protege lives in a world of her own, and is so passionate about her craft, that he — or anybody else — can tell her what to do or what not to do, specifically regarding the issues with Snoop.

“She’s passionate about everything she does,” he said. “I think that’s a part of what makes people love her. That’s a part of what allows her to put so much effort and energy into her art… and how it comes across authentic. She cares. If an artist doesn’t care, then it shows.

“She’s a woman. She’s a girl, and ultimately, all women are like that… at least, once a woman,” T.I. said with a laugh. “That’s lil siss, and her future is definitely brighter than her past. They gonna have more to hate about.”

Also in the interview, T.I. talks about the new Paperwork album and his upcoming project called The Return, his recent trip to Africa, the impact of losing his artist Doe B, and more.