Nicki Minaj and ScaffBeezy

Nicki Minaj is single and ready to mingle, after splitting with longtime boyfriend ScaffBeezy (real name: Safaree).

According to, the couple had an agreement as her career took off –she would be the star and he would play the background, serving as her hype man/personal assistant. However, ScaffBeezy grew tried of the arrangement, as he wanted to become a superstar in his own right, becoming increasingly hostile toward Nicki, so they broke up after 14 years.

The final straw came when he was a no-show at one of Nicki’s recently shows, leaving her without a hype man. She then confronted him and a fight erupted… and now she’s single.

Break-up rumors spread earlier this week when ScaffBeezy was seen with his Nicki Minaj tribute tattoos covered up.

ScaffBeezy covers up Nicki Minaj tattoos.