Nicki Minaj, ScaffBeezy Break-Up After 14 Years

Nicki Minaj and ScaffBeezy

Nicki Minaj is single and ready to mingle, after splitting with longtime boyfriend ScaffBeezy (real name: Safaree).

According to, the couple had an agreement as her career took offย –she would be the star and he would play the background, serving as her hype man/personal assistant. However, ScaffBeezy grew tried of the arrangement, as he wanted to become a superstar in his own right, becoming increasingly hostile toward Nicki, so they broke up after 14 years.

The final straw came when he was a no-show at one of Nicki’s recently shows, leaving her without a hype man. She then confronted him and a fight erupted… and now she’s single.

Break-up rumors spread earlier this week when ScaffBeezy was seen with his Nicki Minaj tribute tattoos covered up.

ScaffBeezy covers up Nicki Minaj tattoos.

  1. If this is the real reason. The brother didn’t realize he was a king on a throne

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