Pivot TV rolled out the first episode of their new series earlier this month, dubbed Welcome To Fairfax, centered around the section of Los Angeles known as the mecca of streetwear. It follows a group of youngsters, who frequent/work on Fairfax, and are looking to make a name for themselves — including designer Mizzle and his label Just Be Cool; rappers Jay Ughh, Young Hawaii Slim and Corzillah, collectively known as CBG; and Tori who works at DOPE.

In the premiere episode, we get introduced to each member of the cast and their dreams. CBG wants to crossover into mainstream Hip-Hop, but internal struggles threaten the group’s existence; Mizzle juggles growing his YOUth brand, while caring for his ailing father; and Tori, new to the city from Arizona, tries to find her way on Fairfax.