Startup Creates World’s First REAL Hoverboard

Hendo Hoverboard

Nope, this isn’t like the FunnyOrDie spoof in March, dubbed the HUVr. The Hoverboard has become a reality.

A startup named Arx Pax has launched its Kickstarter campaign for the Hendo Hoverboard, a real life board that floats without special effects. It relies on four disc-shaped hover engines that generate an electromagnetic field over a conductive surface (like copper sheeting), which in turn creates an opposing field within the surface. The fields repel each other, allowing the board to hover about an inch off the ground.

The one shown in the video is a prototype that is very heavy and lasts only minutes. However, with crowdfunding, the production version will be much light with long battery life.

The Hendo Hoverboard is due out in late 2015. For more info or to back them, visit

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