Folding bicycle maker Dahon introduces a set of new models for 2015, each featuring the brand’s folding design.

Always refining its design and features, the brand introduces five new bike models — the Curl, Clinch and Ciao Electric, alongside the EEZZ 3 Speed and the Qix.

The Curl features a rear wheel fold design to bring it and the asymmetrical top tube together seamlessly. The Clinch is one of the lighter, more robust full-sized folding bikes on the market, utilizing DAHON’s Lock-Jaw hinge technology to provide rigidity and Dahon’s patent-pending inverted handle post design to save weight. The Qix takes the design advantages of two 16-inch bikes and applies them to a 20″ bike, creating a ride with a larger seating position and range.

The Ciao Electric combines the brand’s folding technology, a low-step through frame and a TranzX pedal assist e-system to make for a bike that enables cyclists to ride with or without power assist. And finally, the EEZZ 3 speed builds on the previous EEZZ model’s best features, updating them for the 2015 model.

All five of Dahon’s new models are set to hit retail sometime in 2015. Visit their website for more info.