Did Nicki Minaj, ScaffBeezy Break Up? She’s Single Now?

ScaffBeezy covers up tattoo

Is Nicki Minaj single? That’s the question a lot of her male fanbase wonder… and it may finally be true.

Despite celebrating her 10-year anniversary with longtime boyfriend ScaffBeezy in March, TMZ uncovered some new photos of him… with tattoos of Nicki covered up.

He previously had three tattoos of the rap star, two on his chest and another on his forearm, but as you can see in the photo both chest pieces dedicated to Nicki have been covered. Furthermore, the portrait of her on his inner arm seems to be faded — maybe he’s in the process of getting it lasered off?

ScaffBeezy covers up tattoo

While it’s not a confirmation that Nicki and ScaffBeezy have broken up, it would be weird for him to cover up the tattoos if they were still together, right?

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