Tony Yayo

G-Unit member Tony Yayo talked loyalty during his recent interview with XXL, speaking on relationships he’ll never have because of his unwavering loyalty to 50 Cent and his past feuds.

The rapper explains that while he’s a fan of artists like Jay Z, DJ Khaled, and Fat Joe, he would never get a meeting or a sit down with them because of “sh*t in the past.”

“I’m the biggest on loyalty with Fif,” Yayo says. “You could have a bag full of money, your money is going to be there. You can have your girlfriend here. Your girlfriend is gonna be here. That’s what really had me more upset with Fif was my loyalty to G-Unit. I listened to Fat Joe back in the day. I listened to Jay Z. I listened to these dudes, but at the end of the day, I know I am not getting a business meeting with anybody. DJ Khaled. I’m not getting a meeting with Khaled. We are not gonna sit down and talk about records ’cause of sh*t in the past. It is what it is. You make the bed you lay in. Why? Ask me why I had all this beef. ‘Cause of who? But am I loyal? You can’t take that from me.”

As the interview continued, Yayo discussed, in-depth, his relationship with 50, who he met back in 1997. He also talked about Fif’s tough love approach with artists and says that at times it “can be too tough.”

“Fif is the type of dude… When he first got the money — yeah I could get $100,000 or something from him or whatever,” Yayo explains. “It’s nothing. But when a person has money, you have to come at them correct if you want anything from him. Like, a business plan. How you are gonna work your next album? Whatever you are gonna structure it. Sometimes, Fif showed tough love. Sometimes, his love can be too tough. I’m not like that. To me, it’s like night and day. Sometimes, he gets frustrated with things that he do and you learn how to love his frustrations for what they are. And, that’s just what it is. Some days, he can be cool. Like I said, we was in the club with Chris Brown and Trey Songz. The next day, he be getting on my nerves. He’s back to business ’cause he takes stuff different. He don’t smoke. He don’t really drink. He’s a real kind of militant kind of guy. I’m not advocating drinking and smoking, but he just a different kind of guy. He’ll be in the club, he’s not drinking. He’s not smoking. There are really not too many people that are like that. It’s just different.”

Yayo goes on to talk about having a boss who is also your friend.

“It’s hard when your boss is your friend, meaning like I knew 50 when he didn’t have anything,” he said. “I knew when this was all a dream to him like it was to me. Then, he turned to a boss and you gotta make boss decisions. You know what I mean? It’s hard. He’s a smart dude. Give it up. He’s a smart businessman you need. He’s a smart dude but you know sometimes, your brother can get on your nerves. It’s just life. 50 is 50. Banks is Banks. Some days, I might not talk to Banks for two weeks, but I know that’s my brother. Just because I don’t talk to you for 30 days, we aren’t friends? Some people just get emotional sometimes and take shit the wrong way or whatever.”