Iggy Azalea

Since shooting to stardom with her breakout hit, “Fancy,” Iggy Azalea has received flack for what many call a lack of authenticity — or references to Australia —  in her music

While the rapper does open up in the single “Work,” detailing her struggles with coming to America on her own as a teenager, much of her music lacks her story and journey. Specifically, growing up in home country.

Iggy took to Twitter on Thursday (Oct. 16) to address this very fact, explaining that her music is written to be “more influential, relatable and inspirational.”

“As a kid loved rap but alot of lyrics were SO heavily themed around where you came from, it made me feel i didnt have a place,” she tweeted. “I shared my journey in WORK but make it a point not to mention much about any place wether it be where i was birthed or where i now reside.

“Because i approach writing as if I’m making music for my 14 year old self to hear and i don’t want her to feel left out,” Iggy continued. “To fill a song full of references about australia or any other place in particular would defeat the entire point. … Because the point is to defy the notion youre defined by the dirt underneath your feet.

“The point is for many music is more influential, relatable and inspirational than the place we live… I’m the product of how powerful music is and how far it can reach. I’m one of those kids and i love it,” the rapper concluded. “I love love love to see and hear about other kids from all around the world discovering that maybe rap music is for them too. :-)”