In celebration of college football season, AT&T has kicked off a campaign called #Techgating. What is #techgating you ask? Well, you’ve heard of tailgating, right? #Techgating is the intersection of technology and tailgating; whether at home, on the go or at the game. It’s what you get when you merge technology with the tailgating culture. To “techgate”, fans use their best apps, gadgets and lighting fast connections to enhance their tailgate experience. And, AT&T wants to lead the charge by pushing the #techgating trend.

With that said, we’ve decided to break down some of our favorite #techgating tips… and encourage you to join in by sharing yours on social media.

To Do List
A to-do list should probably be your first priority when you prepare for a tailgating day of football. Using your smartphone’s built-in “NOTES” app is an easy way to put together a list of things that need to be done before you head off, from packing your truck to cleaning your BBQ to  inviting friends. Make sure to get your list together, so you’re not in a rush on game day.

Techgating tips: Essentials

Essentials List
If you don’t need a to do list to get ready, maybe you just need to jot down a listen of essentials that you can’t go without. Again, using your “NOTES” apps is easiest, unless there’s another app that works for you. Make a list of what you need. Burgers, hot dogs, mustard, ketchup, tomatoes, sunscreen, soda, chairs, your BBQ, phone chargers, etc. If you make a list ahead of time, it’ll be easier not to forget.

Not driving to the stadium or friends house, but will be having a drink or two, right? Well, Uber is your go-to here. Load up UBER on your smartphone, call a car, and get to the game with ease… and the fun begins.

Phone Chargers
This is probably one of the most essential #techgating tips we can give you. Make sure you have a charger handy, because after all, you don’t want your phone to die while tailing. From checking your lists, the game scores or calling friends to organize your get together, spare chargers, charging cases or battery packs are a must.

Techgating tips: Maps

Using your smartphone to map our your trip is pretty straight forward. If you’re roadtripping to a game, then it’s gonna help you navigate without getting lost, especially if you’re going out of town or to another state. Make sure you’re using your favorite map apps to get to where you’re going fast and safely.

For more information on #Techgating and for a schedule to experience the AT&T Fan Zone Tour at a school near you, visit Also, in the coming week, we will be launching a cool giveaway (smartphone possibly, hint hint) around the #Techgating campaign. Stay tuned…

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