Apple iPad

In order to stay ahead of the competition in your business market, you need to always stay at least one step ahead when it comes to the tools used to conduct business in the first place. The Internet has made it easy for local businesses to reach international customers. However, when combined with the performance and efficiency of the Apple iPad, endless opportunities for expansion virtually become available at your fingertips.

An Undeniable Trend in Corporate America

Whether you are a fan of using iPad tablets in the workplace or not, one thing that you have to admit is that these devices have completely transformed Corporate America.

One study shows that over 65 percent of companies allow their employees to connect these devices to their corporate networks, according to Check Point. The same study showed that nearly 80 percent agreed that there are twice as many mobile devices being used in their respective work environments than two years ago. Why have iPad tablets become staple items in most corporate offices around the world?

Find an iPad, Find a Customer

Within the second quarter of 2014 alone, over $7.6 million was generated in revenue by Apple exclusively from the sales of iPad tablets. More than 32 percent of the international tablet market is dominated by iPad sales, according to Statista – including 77 percent of the North American market. Keep in mind that these figures do not even reflect the estimated sales that have been projected in the near future.

If you want to find a prospective or existing customer, chances are that they are in possession of at least one iPad tablet. Therefore, when it comes to staying connected to your customer base, the iPad tablet create a continuous stream of opportunities that would not have been made possible through any other means. Once you have found an effective marketing strategy that allows you to capitalize on these opportunities, that is half of the battle won in your favor.

A Revolutionary Point-of-Sale System

In addition to its overall performance and efficiency as a high-end mobile device, many businesses around the world have also been able to revolutionize their business practices by using these tablets as mobile point-of-sale (POS) systems.

Whether you are walking around the store or standing at a stationed front-end register, using an iPad as a mobile POS system provides employees with a higher level of flexibility that has not been available in the past. Traditional store owners are also able to easily process sales and manage their inventory remotely using software provided by companies such as Shopify – even if they are thousands of miles away from their commercial buildings.
Mercedes-Benz Financial, according to, has already started using iPads as mobile POS systems when it comes to recording pertinent customer information and completing the financing process for new sales throughout their dealerships.

The Added Convenience of Self-Service

Another perk of using an iPad tablet to revolutionize your business is the added bonus of providing self-service opportunities to your customers and clients. Keep in mind that the average consumer is leaning more and more toward self-service whenever and wherever possible.

More than 45 percent of companies within the United States alone reported substantial increases in online traffic and decreases in customer service inquiries just by implementing web and mobile self-service systems, according to CRM Magazine. Any increase in traffic is a good thing, but a decrease in customer service inquiries further translates into more efficient customer transactions and increased chances of those customers coming back to your business in the future.

Easily Customizable for Various Industries

One of the most impressive highlights of the Apple iPad that has turned it into an effective tool for businesses is perhaps its overall flexibility. Apple did not specifically design this revolutionary tablet to service one particular industry more than another. According to their website, the iPad is designed for simple modifications in order to become an efficient tool for a wide variety of industries and markets – including financing, accounting, retail, management, legal, education and healthcare.

The fact that the iPad can effectively be used in so many different markets without any major complications speaks volumes. It is no wonder why it has been able to skyrocket in popularity and prevalence within the workplace within a relatively short period.

The Bottom Line

There are quite a few tablets that have been developed since the iPad, which can be used within the workplace as effective communication, productivity and networking tools. However, the Apple iPad was designed to set the standard for other competing brands and manufacturers to follow.

With each new generation that is developed, achieving that goal seems to become easier and easier for the company’s development team. It truly is just a matter of finding an effective way to allow this tool to prove itself for your business as it already has done for so many others around the world.