Steve Nash

Los Angeles Lakers guard Steve Nash is set to enter his 19th season in the league at 40 years old. However, he is injured again.

According to, the legendary guard injured his back while carry bags on Wednesday (Oct. 15), forcing him to miss practice for the third straight day. He’s also likely to miss an exhibition game Thursday (Oct. 16) against the Utah Jazz.

It’s just the latest in a long list of setbacks for Nash. He played just 15 games last season for the Lakers and has played sparingly this preseason.

Despite the health troubles, Nash did not retire this off-season, and opted to return to the Lakers, who will pay him about $9.7 million in the final year of a three-year, $28 million deal. However, he’s said he believes this season will be his last.

“It’s a concern because, from my standpoint, I’ve got to kind of figure out if he’s going to be able to play every day or not, if he’s going to be able to play every other game, or which games can he play,” Lakers coach Byron Scott said. “Obviously, in the next couple of weeks, we’ve got some time to come to a conclusion to this whole situation.”

This week, Scott raised the idea that he could be leaning toward starting Jeremy Lin at point guard.