Bobby Shmurda - Shmurda She Wrote EP

After getting everyone to join in on the Shmoney Dance this summer, Bobby Shmurda wants to keep the momentum going… announcing his Shmurda She Wrote EP.

This week, the New York rapper unveils the both the tracklist and cover for the upcoming project, which features tracks, including “Hot N*gga” and his new single “Bobby Bitch,” with appearances from Rowdy Rebel and Ty Real.

Shmurda She Wrote drops Nov. 10, via Epic Records. Below is the tracklist.

1. “Worldwide N*gga” (feat. Ty Real)
2. “Hot N*gga”
3. “Bobby Bitch”
4. “Living Life” (feat. Rowdy Rebel)
5. “Wipe the Case Away” (feat. Ty Real)