Lil Debbie

Rap newcomer Lil Debbie has yet to really etch her mark onto Hip-Hop, but it didn’t stop her from calling out the generation of rappers that came before her.

Recently, during an interview with HipHopDX, she spoke on rap’s younger generation… and their lack of respect for the artists that preceded them.

“I’m noticing the new guys coming out don’t like the old heads anymore,” Debbie said. “I was online and I seen Travis Scott on Twitter talkin’ ’bout, ‘I don’t fuckin’ listen to that old sh*t. F*ck the old heads trying to take the shine and not letting us new guys [move].’ I’m like, ‘You’ve kinda got a point, but at the same time, you have to pay respects.” I mean, duh. They paved the way. At the same time, I feel you. At a certain age, call it what it is. Go do something else.”

While she notes that older, established artists like Dr. Dre and 2 Chainz remain successful, she says it’s not so easy for female artists to do the same… specifically calling out rap vet, Lil Kim.

“You’re not going to be 55 as a female on the rap scene because Lil Kim’s trying to be on the rap scene right now,” said Debbie. “And, as much as I love that bitch, that is my bitch — Hard Core, that is my sh*t — but she’s out here pregnant trying to be on the scene again and it’s kinda like, ‘You’re too old for this sh*t ’cause nobody cares anymore. Nobody cares,’ as much as I f*ckin’ love your guts.”

Lil Debbie gained attention in 2011, as the sidekick of Youtube sensation Kreayshawn and her White Girl Mob crew. She’s since ventured out on her own, launching her on rap career, releasing a trio of independent releases and sporadic music videos.