Lil Debbie Says Lil Kim Is “Too Old” To Be Rapping

Lil Debbie

Rap newcomer Lil Debbie has yet to really etch her mark onto Hip-Hop, but it didn’t stop her from calling out the generation of rappers that came before her.

Recently, during an interview with HipHopDX, she spoke on rap’s younger generation… and their lack of respect for the artists that preceded them.

“I’m noticing the new guys coming out don’t like the old heads anymore,” Debbie said. “I was online and I seen Travis Scott on Twitter talkin’ ’bout, ‘I don’t fuckin’ listen to that old sh*t. F*ck the old heads trying to take the shine and not letting us new guys [move].’ I’m like, ‘You’ve kinda got a point, but at the same time, you have to pay respects.” I mean, duh. They paved the way. At the same time, I feel you. At a certain age, call it what it is. Go do something else.”

While she notes that older, established artists like Dr. Dre and 2 Chainz remain successful, she says it’s not so easy for female artists to do the same… specifically calling out rap vet, Lil Kim.

“You’re not going to be 55 as a female on the rap scene because Lil Kim’s trying to be on the rap scene right now,” said Debbie. “And, as much as I love that bitch, that is my bitch — Hard Core, that is my sh*t — but she’s out here pregnant trying to be on the scene again and it’s kinda like, ‘You’re too old for this sh*t ’cause nobody cares anymore. Nobody cares,’ as much as I f*ckin’ love your guts.”

Lil Debbie gained attention in 2011, as the sidekick of Youtube sensation Kreayshawn and her White Girl Mob crew. She’s since ventured out on her own, launching her on rap career, releasing a trio of independent releases and sporadic music videos.

  1. lil kim gets money to do giggs unlike this heffer. she cant relate lol

  2. Who the f*** is little Debbie? A nobody… She shouldn’t even be mentioning Kim’s name

  3. That’s crazy. I hope she knows that she is going to get older one day. Her career is not really established enough to be saying someone is to old to be in the rap game or any thing else. When you are in a career you love your never to old.You’ll know when to sit down somewhere. Lil Kim just has to find her place in hip hop again. I think with the right people on her side her getting herself together knowing who she is as a artist, not saying she don’t. She could have a hit record. I love female rap and to me besides oldschool female rappers like Lyte Queen Latifah Mix Melody and a few others in that time era. I think Kim is one of the Greatest female rappers.

  4. that’s part of the fucking reason…. why hip hop is in the state that it’s in… because respect is not paid…. and they use that bubblegum Waterdown bullshit… and call it music… the funny part about that shit… is this chick is named after cakes…. which is something she’s not getting…lmaooo

  5. Who the hell is this? There is no age restrictions for creativity. Lil Kim is a legend. Im not trying to sound harsh but for a pale white girl to trash talk a legend who started it all for females, your in the wrong zone. Im white as well, I would never go into rap that was created by an ethnicity and tell them what they should be doing. That Anteater needs to sit down. Naming herself after a damn dessert company SMH!

  6. Little Debbie, The reason why you can have a rap career is because of the rap artists that existed before you as far back as the 1960’s. You like all the other female rappers after Lil Kim are so heavily influenced by her. You’re dressed in hardly any clothes trying to be a Lil Kim wannabe like everybody else. Come up with your own marketing strategy if Lil Kim is too old. Stop copying Lil Kim if she’s too old. Don’t play yourself out to be labeled as another jealous contradicting idiot by dissing Lil Kim and than copying her style. You can’t rap like the Queen Bee and you should just keep these foolish statements in your head. I must exaggerate the fact you’re copying Lil Kim means you are heavily influenced by her. Lil Debbie you even copied Lil Kim’s “Lil” like so many other rappers regardless of their race or sex. This was actually highlighted in a news cast in America who mentioned rappers copying Lil Kim’s “Lil” in front of their names. Stop dissing and start kissing. Peace and respect forever to the Queen Bee Lil Kim and her phenomenal legacy. I’ve never heard of you Debbie so stop using Kim’s name to get attention…especially when it’s negative. Debbie take my advice and keep your mouth shut. I think Kim will slaughter you in a battle. Lil Kim isn’t trying to be on the rap scene especially when you’re copying her. Lil Kim also looks younger than you!

  7. who the fuck is this crack head looking broad? that whole white girl mob shit was wack I don’t even know one of these wack bitches songs. smh FOH

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