Jhonni Blaze and Shaye G with Drake

Drake has been making headlines this week for allegedly threatening a pair of women, who he felt would talk publicly about their sexual relationships.

Earlier this week, a Houston stripper named Jhonni Blaze went to police accusing a “possible celebrity” of threatening her, via text, about keeping quiet. TMZ reports that the celeb is Drake, who texted her directly, as well as had people within his camp come to her house and threaten her life.

The rapper, however, says the allegations are not true.

Blaze called into Houston radio station 97.9 to clear the air, explaining that they got into an argument, but aside from that it didn’t go much farther than that.

“We actually don’t even talk no more. He has not hit me up, I don’t hit him up. We don’t speak at all because, of probably, this situation,” she explained. “But, I’m not gonna sit here and bash him, because he has people that I’m affiliated with also. I actually tried to reached out to his people and be like, ‘Hey, I’m gonna fix this and I’m gonna go on the radio and admit when I’m wrong.’ I didn’t do anything wrong though. The stories got mixed up. They took it too far. I think it’s embarrassing on my behalf, because I’m actually putting myself out there, like ‘Okay, we kicked it, we messed around and moved on.’ We’re all grown people.”

Later this week, an Arizona-based Internet model named Shaye G claimed Drizzy sent her angry messages over the weekend, after she posted photos of expensive purses he bought for her, also reported by TMZ.

She says, in one message, Drake warned if he sees her anywhere, she’s “getting run up outta there.”

Shaye has reported the alleged threats to Arizona cops, who are currently investigating the matter, but tell TMZ they’ve yet to speak with the rapper.