Snoop, B-Real, Redman & Method Man Discuss Marijuana Legalization

Snoop Dogg, B-Real, Redman, Method Man

Four of Hip-Hop’s biggest marijuana advocates — Snoop Dogg, B-Real, Redman and Method Man — recently sat down for a special discussion dubbed “Spark The Conversation.”

With producer Bianca Barnhill serving as the moderator, the four discussed the legalization of marijuana in the United States and whether or not President Barack Obama will sanction the drug before the end of his Presidency.

“He can’t do it because he’s a Black man,” Snoop Dogg said. “He gotta let the White face do that. Because they already villainizing him for what he’s done already, which is cleaned up all that bullsh*t that [George W.] Bush did. Bush f*cked the whole country up and cuz had to restore order and get it back right in the war, save some lives, do a few things and tweak some money to get the depression over with. We was in a depression, remember that. N*ggas don’t ever give him credit for what he did as far as cleaning up this n*gga’s mess of eight years of bullsh*t. So, he gotta allow the next President to come in to do that move, but he set it up. He alley-ooped it.”

From there, Snoop and B-Real had a discussion as to whether or not President Obama would legalize marijuana federally before the end of his term… and how it would effect the country.

“Me myself, I always thought that he would [legalize marijuana] before his term is done,” said B-Real. “Every President has a certain amount of things at the end of their Presidency that can’t be reversed.

“I think maybe he will though. I think he won’t be afraid to push that button,” he continued.

“If he were to do that there would be more jobs, there would be more money, there would be less depression, there would be less homelessness if he was to do that,” Snoop Dogg added.

To back up Snoop’s theory, Redman weighed in, citing other states who are flourishing after legalizing marijuana, including Colorado. “There’s proof in the other states that’s doing it now,” he said.

B-Real believes it will happen in the final months of Obama’s term, which would be in 2016. “I think he will [legalize marijuana]. It won’t be right now, but I think on the way out he will. [In] the last six months. I think so.”

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