With her debut album Aquarius in stores, Tinashe stopped by The Breakfast Club to discuss her journey in music thus far, as well as her hit single “2 On” and new album.

First up, what does “2 On” mean? The singer explains, saying it is “basically being a little too buzzed, a little bit too faded, but in a good way. Not to the point where you’re like passed out. You’re just turnt up.”

Tinashe also discussed her career before music, revealing that she got started in the entertainment biz at the age of three, doing TV and commercials. She also appeared on Two and a Half Men with Charlie Sheen at 15, but began pursuing music at 14 — first with a girl group, before going solo at 18.

AS for her debut, she’s been getting rave reviews, and while fans will have to judge for themselves, Tinashe says “2 On” isn’t necessarily an accurate representation of the album as a whole. “My music, as a whole, there’s a lot more depth to it, there’s just a lot more sophistication musically than ‘2 On’ maybe represents.”

And dating? Tinashe says she doesn’t have time, especially with her career just starting. Sorry guys. “[Dating is] not my priority right now,” she says.