Nike x Skylar Diggins “Zoom In 5 Workout” App

By Staff  |  10/06/2014

With fall schedules being tougher during the busy season, it can be challenging to get a workout in, even for dedicated athletes... like Skylar Diggins. So, her and Nike have introduced a new workout to the Nike+ Training Club App, intended to help athletes squeeze in some training.

Diggins' "Zoom in 5 Workout" is the N+TC App's first five-minute workout, and it's designed to put athletes through a highly intense workout that demands maximum effort for a short burst of time. It a high level of stamina and is recommended for athletes who are more advanced in their training -- featuring six drills such as climbers, lateral bounds and side shuffle to burpees.

Diggins' "Zoom in 5 Workout" is now avialable on the N+TC App.