Rick Ross

With Rick Ross preparing his new Hood Billionaire album, he stops by The Breakfast Club to get the conversation going.

During the interview, he discussed everything from losing weight and business to his new album and the issues between MMG artist Wale and Meek Mill. Below are some highlights:

On losing weight: “I’ve been working out. I’ve been on that Ross Fit program. It was something that, maybe a year and a half ago, Reebok had introduced me to. I just kept doing my thing, and I done dropped a few of them [pounds]. Ross Fit, you’re just turning up. You’re just going hard… I was quitting every day… ‘I can’t do this. This ain’t for Rozay.’ Then, they started dragging me out on them long runs where once you get out there, you’re out there. I gotta finish. I just completed my first four-mile walk/jog.”

On his Atlanta mansion: “I’m still doing things to it. I’m one of them people where I want everything to be meticulously done, from the bottom to the roof of it, before I move really anything in. The bedroom is still completely empty. At the end of the day, it’s a great investment.”

On working with R. Kelly: “I’m a fan of the music, the writing skills [and] the creativity. R. Kelly has flawlessly brought us dope records. That’s just speaking on the homie, previous. This record we just did was most definitely a dope record, a feel-good record, something the chicks are gonna be able to turn up to and let the bosses lean on the wall a little bit and shine for you.”

On relationship with Young Jeezy: “We bosses and that’s what bosses do.”

On returning with Hood Billionaire so quick: “It was just something that I wanted to do. When I recorded the music, when you go back to the interviews of me speaking of Mastermind, I was saying I felt like I made two albums because it was two different feelings. Mastermind was the type of album where I wanted to open up. I wanted it to have a rich feel to it… that throwback Puffy-feel mid-way through it. This right here is my Liberace, this a gold ring on every finger… we holding the bottles in the sky, letting the champagne run down our arm, ya dig? It’s just feel-good record, a lot of 808’s, real bass heavy. It’s gonna feel different to you.”

On Wale-Meek Mill beef: “They didn’t go through nothing really. Whatever was threw out there, two-three minutes later, we all was on the phone. It was a whole other situation. We all was just laughing, moving forward. These are homies. This is the family, this the team. It ain’t nothing but love.”