Jennifer Lopez Responds To Diddy’s “Booty” Comments

Jennifer Lopez

After Diddy called her booty “a work of art”, Jennifer Lopez was asked to view his praise during an interview with Access Hollywood, and responded, seemingly flattered.

“We spent three years of our lives together, you know, almost every single day,” she said. “As much as he roots for me and as proud as he is of me and of the time we had together, I am just as proud to see what he’s done.”

Although they dated, J.Lo said the Hip-Hop mogul was so much more than a romantic interest in her life. “He gave me so many cues and taught me so many things,” she added. “I’ll always be grateful to him for that and I love that he can be so supportive of me so many years later and that there’s still so much mutual respect, admiration and love there.

“I will happily be the person to take credit for the fact that you can be proud of your body no matter what it is,” she says. “We all have value. We all have worth.”

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