The new look Cleveland Cavaliers “Big 3” saw their first action together on Wednesday (Oct. 1), when they played together at Quicken Loans Arena for their annual Wine & Gold Scrimmage.

Fans lined up for hours before the doors opened, filling the arena like it was a regular season game. A reported 16,723 fans were in attendance. Dozens held up handmade “Welcome Home” signs.

“It was a great reaction,” James said after the scrimmage. “The fans are great. They’ve always been great, and even when I was gone, they was great.”

“I have been here now long enough to understand the people of the city of Cleveland, the people of Ohio. That’s a very, very unique and special group of people that live here, that appreciate certain things about people and about life that are admirable,” Cavs coach David Blatt said. “I’m not surprised at all at how he’s been received, for two reasons.

“Number one, because of the aforementioned people that we’re talking about. Number two, because of the manner in which LeBron came back, which I think by anyone’s opinion was exceptional and genuine and highly, highly admirable. That’s probably the reason that he’s received like that.”