LeBron James

The Cleveland Cavs officially introduced its new super team during a media day on Friday (Sept. 26) in Ohio.

Its centerpiece, LeBron James, was little more reserved this time around, than when he promised multiple championships when introduced as a Miami Heat player four year ago, according to ESPN.com.

“Patience,” he said, when asked about the biggest lesson he learned in South Beach. “You need to be very patient with the process and understand. I think everyone always wants to see the end result and what’s at the end of the tunnel, and don’t quite understand what goes on from the start to the finish and what’s in between that. And, I understand that and I know that, so patience is the biggest thing that I’ve learned.”

New teammate Kevin Love, a three-time All-Star, agrees with James, endorsing his plan of patience.

“Nothing is going to be given to us,” Love said. “A lot of people want to say, ‘Championship or bust,’ and sure, that’s going to be a good mentality to have because we want the pressure on us. We want people to look at us as one of the best teams because we’re going to have to hold ourselves accountable for everything that we do with our actions on and off the floor. But I’m looking forward to building with this team.”

And, despite being the team’s main piece for the past few seasons, Irving says he’s appreciative to have a team in place for long-term success.

“I was in the locker room and looking around, and somehow I’ve become the youngest on the team again,” Irving said. “It’s a weird feeling, but I’m truly appreciative of what management did this summer and all the pieces they added because it’s just going to make my job that much easier.”