Have you ever had a buddy that went through a devastating break-up… and fell into a rut? Well, should’ve given him a Mantervention.┬áThat’s the title of the outrageous new comedy from Vision Films, which with the exact same dilemma.

In it, the main character Spencer (played Nick Roux) has fallen into a deep depression after a crushing break-up, locking himself in his room and shutting himself away from the world. When you’re mother consistently catches you watching porn, it’s bad. That’s until his best friend Coke (played Travis Van Winkle) comes to his aid. He intervenes with a “mantervention” to help him re-gain his confidence… and that’s where the fun begins.

Coke takes Spencer to his parents’ new beach house and it becomes a party pad, where the pair party with gorgeous women, partake in debauchery and have good ol’ single fun… to help him forget his ex.

But, does he? Does the “mantervention” work? While we don’t wanna give away the entire movie, here’s our three favorite scenes that we can’t stop laughing about.

Rip Your Heart Out

Mantervention Movie

As you’re see in the trailer, Spencer is a hopeless romantic… and he explains how he and longtime girlfriend Allison split, it plays out in a fantasy where she rips his heart out literally… and f*cks it with a plunger. LMFAO!!

Mom Walks In…

Mantervention Movie

While wallowing in his own self-pity, Spencer is forced to take care of his own needs. But, when his mother walks in on him while in the process, it makes for a very embarassing — and hilarious — scene.

D*ck Beard

Mantervention Movie

When Spencer finally makes it to his friend Coke’s beach house, they take a stroll on the sand to scope out the scene… but when laughter erupts, his friend is surprised to see he has a “d*ck beard”. Manscaping alert!

Mantervention is an entertaining film, perfect for a get together or some afternoon laughs with a few friends. It’s available now at iTunes. For VOD and release details, visit the Mantervention website, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

In support of the film, we are giving up some Mantervention swag to our readers — including signed DVDs and T-shirts. To enter, leave a comment with your favorite line from the trailer above for a chance to win.

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