LG phone

Following controversy over customer complaints that their new iPhone 6 Plus bent unexpectedly, most of the time in their pocket, Apple rivals took to Twitter to poke fun at the issue, which has been dubbed “#Bendgate.”

Companies like Samsung, HTC and LG posted photos of their respective smartphones, which are either curved or flex on purpose.

“Curved. Not Bent,” Samsung tweeted along with a photo of its Galaxy Note Edge, which features a purposely curved edge.

“Our phone doesn’t bend, it flexes … on purpose,” LG wrote on Twitter.

Earlier this week, iPhone 6 Plus owners posted photos showing their new phones with slight bends in the thin aluminum frame. On Wednesday (Sept. 24), Apple promised to replace the bent handsets.

Even non-smartphone brands got in on the fun, including well-known brands like Heineken, Burton and Pringles.

Check them out below.