Justin Combs doing the Shmoney Dance

Although NYC rap newcomer Bobby Shmurda is enjoying success for his “Shmoney Dance,” Diddy’s son Justin says his dad is the originator.

In a video released online recently, Justin Combs said his dad created the dance, which allows him to have “the best” rendition of it.

“I got the best ‘Shmoney Dance’ in the world,” he says in the video. “I got the same genes as the dude who created the dance. So, I’ma show you why mines is the best.”

From there, he goes on to perform variations of The Shmoney Dance, including “The Old Man” and “Jump Rope.”

The Shmoney Dance has become a viral dance sensation, popularized recently in Bobby Shmurda’s video to his buzzing street cut, “Hot N*gga.” Its become so popular, celebrities have released videos of themselves doing their own renditions, including Rihanna, Chris Brown and Justin Bieber.